Technical Tree & Shrub Care for Commercial & Residential Clients

Let me take care of all your tree and shrub care needs!

When you choose my company to do your tree work I or my highly-trained and closely supervised assistants perform the climbing, pruning, removals and stump grinding which means the work will be done to my exacting and obsessive standards!!

As an expert and award winning tree climber with more than 20 years of experience in horticulture and the tree care industry, I am committed to providing my customers high-quality, dependable service and advanced technical tree care expertise with a personal touch that larger tree companies lack.

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Did You Know?

Caring for trees regularly is more cost effective than neglecting them and dealing with subsequent damage. Studies published in the Journal of Arboriculture have demonstrated that it is actually cheaper to regularly prune trees rather than neglecting them, and cleaning up the resulting damage! That is why many cities have tree care crews, or they contract with tree companies, to regularly prune and care for trees.

Trees can increase the value of your property up to 25% percent or more based on the location, species, and condition of the tree.

Trees also have environmental and social benefits. Various studies have shown that trees reduce pollution in many ways, as well as help social behavior improve by raising the self-esteem of neighborhoods.

Our Services

Shrub Care Consultations

I love to operate as a small company because I never have to sell unnecessary work. Having lower overhead than the larger companies allows me to offer honest and practical advice about what your trees and shrubs ACTUALLY NEED. From time to time I even tell clients that nothing needs to be done to their trees. Wouldn't you like to hear that?!

Tree and Shrub Pruning

When I prune trees I remove the absolute minimum of live growth necessary because fertilizer is not, as commonly thought, plant food! Only leaves make plant food. Therefore, the more leaves a plant has, the more food it can make for itself, and the healthier the plant will be.

Good pruning of live tree parts is not measured by how much is removed, but by how little!

Dead or hazardous parts are always removed.

Removing dead parts encourages plants' vigor and health by stopping energy from being wasted on resisting pathogen invaders that enter through wounded areas.

Stump Grinding

I use specialized equipment to grind unwanted stumps or roots 6" to 12" inches below grade. The holes are generally backfilled with the resulting debris. Usually there is a mound of debris that is left behind which can be used as mulch. Upon request excess debris can be removed to be flush with the ground.

Tree and Shrub Removals

I specialize in low impact, highly technical, tree removals -- removing trees without damaging surrounding plants or property. I have performed these kinds of operations in tiny brownstone backyards and private gardens. In fact, other tree companies sometimes hire me to perform their technically challenging and precariously situated removal jobs.